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Krav Maga Galati

What is Krav Maga?

   Krav Maga (Hebrew: Contact Fighting) was originally developed for the Israeli army and then further developed for civilians in order to teach effective self-defense solutions to every human being, regardless of: age, men or women, or physical skills.

Krav Maga Techniques

   In Krav Maga the techniques are based on natural reflexes and movements, being thus easy to remember and applicable in real situations of stress and physical exhaustion, even with a little training. The number of techniques being intentionally kept small. Krav Maga deals with unarmed and armed threats and attacks with various weapons or dangerous objects. Not making a significant difference in defense techniques against an unarmed and an armed attack. The techniques remain the same.

How long does Krav Maga training take to be able to defend me?

   All elements trained in Krav Maga aim to increase personal safety. Due to the simple structure, you can appear early in many conflict situations. But the more you train, the better your chances of getting out of the various dynamic conflict situations. Through regular training, stress resistance is increased, technical skills are built and personal fitness is improved.

Autoaparare Galati

   Krav Maga Primal School is a member of the International Krav Maga Federation (IKMF), one of the most popular and widespread organizations in the field of defense and self-defense. Today, IKMF is represented in over 80 countries on all continents and trains police and army units, bodyguards, employees of security companies and civilians around the world who want to develop self-defense skills. Krav Maga Primal School is constantly collaborating with the organization's headquarters in Israel, and with other IKMF schools, offering training to the highest standards, as well as a permanent update of the Krav Maga techniques taught.

   The main goal is the development by the participants of the necessary skills to defend themselves, but also others, in a time as efficient as possible. The objectives are to increase the speed of reaction, to quickly recognize dangerous situations (even anticipating them), if possible to defuse them, and to make quick and decisive decisions if necessary. Educating students to maintain self-control and choose the right way to react under high stress is one of the main points of training.

   By collaborating with the headquarters, as well as with the other IKMF schools, the techniques taught are constantly updated. Both the current self-defense needs of society and the needs of each student are taken into account. Also, self-defense techniques taught in training are rigorously tested in advance, to be effective and to cover a wide range of hazards. Given that it is about self-defense, the student must be able to get out of even critical situations.

“So that one may walk in peace”

   IKMF was created by Imi Lichtenfeld, with the support of his most trusted students, including the current president of the federation, Avi Moyal. Currently, IKMF is the choice for Krav Maga (Hebrew: "contact struggle") of renowned structures such as IDF, Mossad, YAMAM, French Legion, FBI, and other national and elite European and northern armed forces. -American. Through IKMF this combat system has been and is constantly adapted both for the defense and security sector and for the civil defense sector with all its aspects.

About the Instructor

   My name is Alexandru Radu and I am Instructor Krav Maga in Galati. Having about 20 years of sports, working in the Intervention structures of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and in different high-risk countries, I had time to gain experience and specialize in self-defense, tactics with different types of weapons and fitness. However, the process of learning and acquiring new skills is a continuous one.

   I decided to become a Krav Maga Instructor because I believe in this self-defense system that has already proven its effectiveness globally and I want to pass on the knowledge I have acquired.

       I'm waiting for you for a free workout! 

Instructor Krav Maga Radu Alexandru

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