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Krav Maga Galati
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   To participate in Krav Maga training you do not need

experience in other contact sports and no special physical training is required. Anyone can participate in Krav Maga trainings regardless of physical condition, age or gender.

   To practice Krav Maga you must be medically healthy and fit for sports, the instructor reserves the right to request a medical certificate in this regard. The instructor reserves the right to request the presentation of the criminal record from the police within 14 days from the beginning of the trainings.


   For starters, all you need are sports pants and a clean sports shoe (running shoes)

The following are required to practice Krav Maga:

  • Shell (genital protector)

  • Gutierrez

  • MMA gloves

  • shin guards

Optional: Forearm protectors, helmet with grille, 10oz boxing gloves.

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