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Your Strength and Conditioning Training

Reality-based self-defense consists of three components: simple technique, that is, what you can actually do in real life, an aggressive mentality (willingness to survive), and physical fitness. No one wants to be told that their level of fitness is important to their survival, but this is a fact. In almost all disasters and threats to a person’s survival, it is the right person who survives. When I first started training in self-defense, this was something that was instilled in me: you can know everything you need to know and be able to perform perfectly in a controlled environment, but when reality kicks in, is better to have as much gas in the tank as possible if you want to survive the fight.

There are weight training classes in most combat sports (boxing, wrestling, MMA) for a reason: the promoters want the fight to be as even as possible – so it lasts as long as possible. On the street, this thing doesn’t exist. The real world is totally different story. Every advantage a person has is an unfairness to the other…so is up to each and every one of us to have the advantage on our side.

You don’t have to be big to be strong, you just have to be strong. You need to kick like a mule and/or have a punch like a sledgehammer: that’s down to good technique plus strength. If you feel like you’d lose out to the bigger opponent then these are the two areas to concentrate on.

Greater strength also means that moving your body weight becomes easier for longer periods of time. Plus, as muscle mass increases, you’ll get the ancillary benefit of armor. The body responds by recruiting calcium to increase bone density and deal with the increased stress of higher weight. Larger muscles and denser bones translate to an armored structure that’s harder to break – an invaluable trait when fists and elbows are flying.

Self-defense training, if it’s good, will give you your techniques, mobility, flexibility, and cardio. To get the most out of strength training for self-defense, you’ll need full-body workouts, heavyweights, and explosive movements. You’re best with an Olympic barbell and rack but dumbbells and a pull-up bar can work in a pinch. These workouts are only a starting block. Also, these suggestions come in addition to your regular fight or self-defense training. There are plenty of shredded dudes that can’t punch worth a damn, and more than a few black belts whose knowledge of their style is only exceeded by their Body Mass Index score.

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